Jakob's Story

Jakob was born on January 15th 1998. He was a good size (8.2 lbs). Shortly after being taken to the nursery, he began to have trouble breathing and his saturations dropped continually over the night and into the next morning.

He was airlifted to Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto, Ontario and was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome HLHS.

He underwent 3 open heart surgeries (7 days - Norwood, 9 months - Glenn, 30 months - Fenestrated Fontan). He also has a double LPA stent and carries an epipen for a severe, yet "unknown" allergy.

He is now a strapping 150 pound 13 year old who excells in school (especially in History and French). He is a natural athlete playing Hockey (goalie), Rep. Football for the Oshawa Hawkeyes Football Club and he is an avid swimmer! Jakob has never lost the fiesty attitude he had as a baby.  He is growing into a handsome, well mannered young man.

We will be forever grateful to the doctors and nurses at Sick Kids for working so hard to make sure our Jake came home to us. He is a treasure and we are so proud!