Colin- ALVT

Our son was born on 10/31/04.  We were referred to a cardiologist after his pediatrician heard a distinct sound in his heart at his week check up.  We visited the cardiologist on 11/15/04.  After all the testings we were told to pack our bags and go to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago that evening.  After 3 days of testing at CMH we learned our son had Aortico to Left Ventricular Tunnel or ALVT.  A rare congenital heart defect.  Dr Backer and his wonderul team performed open heart surgery on our baby boy on 11/18/04.  He visits his cardiologist annually.  He has leaky valves and a dilated aortic root.  We learned on 4/18/10, at his last check up he now has a dilated aortic arch.  He had an MRI at CMH in May/2010.  They said he can resume normal activity and will go back to cardiologist in April and will need another MRI as well.  Other then a scar, he is a VERY active boy.