Brodyn's Story

We found out we were expecting a need addition to our little family in October 2009....February we found out it was another Boy!!!! We were soo excited to have two little boys that will be 22mo. apart!!  We had a very healthy pregnancy with no complications. Brodyn Micheal Rood entered the world on June 16, 2010 he weighed 8lbs 9oz. and was a beautiful healthy boy....well we thought anyways....

Brodyn was 7days old when he went into congenital heart failure......The only signs he had was that he wouldn't nurse and was a little fussy in the middle of the night. By 6am the next morning I noticed he was breathing different??? I grabbed my other son (Bryton) and called my boyfriends mom that lives just up the road and told her there was something wrong with the baby to take us to the doctors. I had, had a ceseran so couldn't drive. We went to our local pediatrician, Brodyn's doctor came in and told me that Brodyn was in respritory distress that an ambulance was on their way and taking us to a local hospital where there they would try to get a line into him.

We waited hours at the emergency room where Brodyn's pediatrician did all they could do to get him stabilized while a bigger hospital about 2hrs away from us was coming to get him. His doctor finally had to take out Brodyn's umbillical cord and put a line directly to his heart to get him stable. Brodyn was sooo sick they couldn't get a line into him they tried everywhere and also tried to get into the bones but nothing was successful, until the only option left was his umbillical cord.

Maine Medical Center came up to get him and bring him down to Portland Maine where we would be facing life and death situations.....Brodyn was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome where the whole left side of his heart was under developed. When his PDA closed at 7 days old the left side of his heart could no longer pump blood to his body. They do a series of 3 surgeries to try to re-route the blood flow to bypass the left side of the heart and eventually use the lungs to do what the left side of the heart normally would do.  They started Brodyn on a medication that opens up the PDA until they can do surgery. They were lucky that they had this medication at the first hospital. The let his body take a break and try to re-cooperate for 5 days before surgery.

On June 28th 2010 Brodyn had his 1st open heart surgery. called the Norwood. When Brodyn came back from surgery he was extremely sick......I thought "this is it......" we did not think he was going to survive....they had to put Brodyn on a machine called ECHMO which worked his heart and lungs to give everything a break....The reason why he was sooo sick was because the right side of his heart was trying to work really hard while he was going into heart failure and was not used to working that much so it was very weak which made for his whole heart to be very weak! They gave us 72hrs with him and told us they were not sure what would happen after 72hrs.

Well, God performed a miracle and allowed Brodyn to come off the Echmo machine and his heart was functioning on its own. With a shunt in it the size of a grain of rice!!! I learned A LOT while being in the hospital with Brodyn. I learned a lot about the heart, how to take care of Brodyn, what I needed to look for, for signs of him getting ill again. It was all sooo new and scary to me.

We were in the PICU for 1 month. Because Brodyn's liver and kidneys had completely shut down it took awhile for them to get them back to working normally again. They tried dialysis a couple of times was only successful for about 3 hours total. One morning we went in to check on him and the nurses were estatic that his kidneys were working he was producing his own urine and it was clear!!!! No one knows how they started working except I believe it was all the prayers that we had out there for him. It also took 10 days before they could get Brodyn's chest close which was also very scary after the 3rd attempt they finally got it closed up with no difficulties!

So, after a month in the PICU we went up to another portion of the hospital called Barbra Bush, where there we were working on getting him too eat again. Brodyn wasn't really interested much into drinking from a bottle. The insurance company was kind of pushing us out so we had to get a feeding tube placed. Brodyn had a surgery to have a g-tube. which was just a benefit to all of us knowing that he was gaining weight and keeping him healthy and able to give  him his meds and monitor him just as I needed to.After a month on the Barbra Bush we finally came home after two month in the hospital. It was all still so new and to be honest I monitored him ALL the time. Always counting his respirations, checking his 02 sats, checking his color although he was considered a  "blue baby". I was a freak always calling the cardiologist asking questions all the time. Reading things on the internet. I feel like I was going crazy!!! Brodyn had to have a couple heart caths between he had to have the arch of his aorta opened up more. and he also had an "extra vein" in his stomach coiled off.

Brodyn had his 2nd open heart surgery(bi-directonal glenn) 4month later on October 22nd 2010. Which went much, much better!!! We were in and out of the hospital within 4 days!! The only thing that went wrong was an allergic reaction, which was only a rash!

Brodyn just had a check up recently and his heart function looks great! We are waiting for the fontan which will most likely happen next year around sept/ oct. Praying all the time that he stays strong and healthy and we kick CHD butt!!!!!