Instructions for Technical Assessment Project

The Data Center has received QI approval and approval from its legal department of the data sharing agreement for the Technical Assessment Project (TAP). However, your institution may still require IRB/REB approval or waiver before you can begin entering data.  Please have your research coordinator inquire with your IRB/REB what will be required by the IRB/REB for you to begin participating. The TAP Data Sharing Agreement, the TAP protocol and data collection forms are posted here. Please forward a copy of your required institutional approval or waiver (IRB/REB or QI) and the signed data sharing agreement to the Data Center ( and contact the Data Center if you have any questions regarding this.

Getting Started:

  1. Designate data entry person: Designate a person within your institution who will be responsible for data entry—for example, your research coordinator, data manager, or clinical extender. You may want this person to enter the surgical data, echo data, or both. This person should copy a “blank” echo data form for each of the four lesions from REDCap to his/her echocardiographers, encouraging them to make sure their subsequent reports include the required data. The designated data entry person will need the pre-discharge echo report to complete the REDCap data entry.
  2. Obtain REDCap Access: To obtain access to the REDCap TAP database the designated individual needs to contact the Data Center to complete an application form. The applicant will receive an email with a username and temporary password for which they will have 48 hours to change the password; otherwise the process will need to be restarted. Once the applicant has created a username, please notify the Data Center with the username only so that access can be granted for the project. Please instruct the individual entering data not to share the username or password with others.
  3. Enter your first case: At the end of an operation, log into REDCap and enter the demographic and surgical information for that patient. Log out. Your data coordinator will take care of the echo entry after the pre-discharge echo report is available.