CHSS Work Weekend

CHSS Spring 2017 Work Weekend


We are pleased to announce the CHSS 2017 Spring Work Weekend! Please stay tuned for details.

When:  April 7-9, 2017

Where: Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning
              686 Bay Street
              Toronto, Ontario 
              M5G 0A4, Canada

Agenda: Please see the preliminary agenda here

Registration: Please register here. You may have also been sent a personalized link.


CHSS 2016 Fall Work Weekend

Agenda: Agenda 

Report:  Work Weekend November 2016 Summary Report

Pictures: The Work Weekend in Pictures



Brian McCrindle: A Modest Proposal - We are Overdue for an International Fontan Registry 

Tara Karamlou: Aortic Arch Obstruction in LVOTO Cohort - Update on Feasibility

Jim Meza: LVOTO: Optimal Timing of Stage 2, Plenary Practice Talk 1 - for STS meeting

Gail Pearson: Update from NHLBI

Jim Meza: LVOTO: Cluster Analysis of Baseline Echocardiographic Data, Presentation of Final Results

Rajesh Krishnamurthy: AAOCA: Advanced Imaging

Julie Brothers: AAOCA: Predictors of Ischemia, Discussion of Study Design

Jim Meza: AVSD: Descriptive Analysis of Baseline Echocardiograms, Discussion of Results

Jim Meza: LVOTO: Optimal Timing of Stage 2, Presentation of final results

Nancy Poirier: CoA: Feasibility Discussion

Kim Holst: Ebstein Anomaly, Review of Cohort Development

Bill Williams: LVOTO: Working group meeting to discuss enrollment process

Eugene Blackstone: Why CHSS is Uniquely Positioned to Answer Important Questions in Congenital Heart Disease: Insight into some of its Methodology

Jim Meza: LVOTO: Optimal Timing of Stage 2: Supplement