CHSS Score for neonatal critical aortic stenosis


for neonatal critical aortic stenosis

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CHSS Score Explanation:

The score is the predicted difference in 5-year survival for a UVR minus a BVR. A positive number favors a UVR; a negative number favors a BVR, with the magnitude of the difference expressed by the number.

For example, a CHSS Score of +10 predicts that 5-year survival is 10% greater for a UVR versus a BVR. A score of -20 predicts that 5-year survival after a BVR is 20% greater than after a UVR.

“ Please note, the CHSS on-line AS Calculator survival predictions were previously reported in decimal points rather than % survival.  The calculator has now been changed to % Survival.  We apologize for any confusion this inadvertent error has caused.”



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